• Heatherley’s School of Fine Art, London – Portrait drawing and painting
  • Chelsea College of Art and Design, London – Portrait drawing and painting
  • Camberwell College of Arts, London – Portrait and figure drawing
  • Akthof Munich, Germany – Portrait and figure drawing

a With his tutor Alan Ramsay at Heatherley's School of Fine Art , London

Doing a live portrait


Born in Matara on the South Coast of Sri Lanka, Brindley’s creative talent was noted by his masters at Rahula College from an early age. As was the norm at the time, young Brindley’s formal studies took precedence.

The love that Brindley had for the arts however could not be suppressed for long and he soon began sculpting, painting and experimenting with a range of mixed media and styles. It was however to the classic school of fine line drawings and oil on canvass portraits that Brindley was most drawn to.


With some of his fellow artists in London- 1978

In 1970 Brindley began his in-depth study of still life and portraits, touring the galleries of Europe studying both the masters and contemporary exhibitors experimenting with different media and styles developing his own.

It was with still life and portraits that his interest grew. He has studied in England (Chelsea College of Art & Design, Heatherly’s School of Fine Art, Camberwell College of Arts) and in Germany (Akthof  Munich). He has taken on commissions from as far a field as South Africa and USA.  Most of Brindley’s international commissions are from Europe .A self confessed perfectionist Brindley is modest when talking about his portraits.

Touring the galleries of Europe studying both the masters and contemporary exhibitors experimenting with different media and styles, he has developed his own style. Brindley creates portraits in a traditional way, painting true to life oil portraits in a fine yet modern style. His aim in portraiture is to always create a painting or drawing that reflects the sitter’s likeness and personality, as well as capturing those special elements which make the sitter truly Him/Her. Brindley uses soft pastel, compressed charcoal, crayon, water colours, oil colours and acrylic colours as his media for portrait drawing and painting supported on acid free paper or canvas.

Doing a live portrait at the Lionel Wendt Art gallery, Colombo

Although one takes pleasure from the knowledge that a portrait is received well and admired, as an artist there is always room for reinterpretation and refinement which makes it an endless journey.

In Sri Lanka Brindley has been recognised by a permanent exhibit of a portrait of late foreign minister Laxman Kadirgamar at the National Art Gallery - Colombo 7


aBrindley doing a live portrait
aSLINT GL Award 2012
aReceived the best portrait award from Late Prime Minister Mrs. Bandaranaike at the National Art Gallery -1995 (1)
aFormer Minister Karu Jayasuriya viewing his portraits
aLate Minister Monty Gopallawa viewing his prize winning portrait-2000
aReceiving an award for portraiture
Best portrait award, Art Gallery 1995

aIn London
aaIn Germany
At Kala Pola
A finished live portrait