【信息与量子学术沙龙】第18期- Dr. Daniel Oblak

报告题目:Building blocks for quantum networks



报告人:Dr. Daniel Oblak


Assistant Professor, University of Calgary, Canada


Abstract: The idea of leveraging quantum mechanical resources to connect two or more users in a network has fostered numerous protocols and applications that are fundamentally different from what can be achieved by any classical means. Some applications such as quantum key distribution are well understood and have a strong experimental track record. Nevertheless, even QKD is being constantly perfected by new protocols, and long-distance quantum repeater links have still to be demonstrated. Other applications related to interfacing quantum computers with remote users or additional quantum computers are much less explored and experimental efforts are still in their infancy.

This talk will introduce some of the components that are needed to realize quantum networks, such as single photon and entangled photon sources, channels, Bell-state measurement, quantum memory, transducers, and detections. Specifically, I will cover our results from experiments with measurement device independent quantum key distribution coexisting with classical data communication in the same optical fibres. I will also present recent experimental results from our work with quantum memory using the atomic frequency comb protocol in rare-earth ion doped materials. Focus will be on a cavity enhanced quantum memory by which high-bandwidth and high-efficiency storage of heralded single photons has been realized.