Welcome to Brindley Jayatunga's Atelier...
From his childhood Brindley Jayatunga had a keen sense of observation and an ability to bring out the beauty and character of a face true to life in a drawing or a painting.

He believes in observing features and character in order to understand the differences in the human face to capture the subject and mood perfectly. Brindley is able to work from either a photograph or a live sitting.
Brindley uses Soft pastel, Oil and Acrylic as his media for portraits
supported on Acid free paper or Canvas.
  Why Portraits...  
  • To Show someone how special they are.
• As a timeless classic gift.
• Whether a unique gift, or honoring someone special, portraits are
  timeless classics

If you need to discuss your choice with the artist please go to the
Inquiry page and send him a message or call him so he can discuss
your selection over the telephone.